Hawaii Arts Alliance Creative Network

The Arts Alliance is creating a statewide artists’ database to better advocate for and support artists who are permanent residents of the Hawaiian Islands, living in-state year-round.

If you are interested in being included in the database, please complete the Google form using this link.


Your answers to the questions in this form will improve our ability to communicate with artists so that we can better advocate on your behalf. By answering this open call to join the Hawaiʻi Arts Alliance Creative Network, the group becomes more effective and will be able to develop more programs for artists. 

The goals for this artists’ database are:

1. To establish an artists’ network

2. To serve as a referral platform for artists

3. To connect artists to workshops on business management

4. To provide access to resources and benefits.

“We are creating this network because the artists in the state are not being represented. It is our job at the Alliance to advocate for them, by taking initiative to ask what ways we can support them. The Hawaii Arts Alliance is refocusing its purpose as an organization to provide access to resources for artists in Hawaii.”

Welcome to CANHi.art

Hawaii Arts Alliance creative artists network website!

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